How to Make Your Business Signs Stand Out


A good quality sign can act as many things – a sales representative, an advertisement, a signifier of trust, a wayfinding landmark, and more. Whether you’re walking down your local high street, driving along the motorway or visiting a business park, you’ll see lots of outdoor signage and other business signs that were all installed with that goal.

Most businesses will have some sort of business signage – so how can yours stand out from the crowd (and especially from your competitors?)

Four types of business signs


Site identification signs: An example of this could be an outdoor sign, such as a fascia which acts as the shopfront of your office building, or retail store. It can be illuminated and works best when it’s big, bold, clear and on-brand.


Safety signage: This is a legal obligation for all industries, ranging from construction to hospitality, though their specific requirements will vary. Your facilities management and health and safety officers must ensure that fire escapes, hazards, first aid kits and so on are clearly labelled and checked regularly.


Vehicle wraps: A car or van wrap is a fantastic way to showcase your business on the move – they’re also non-permanent, so it’s easy to update the graphic when you have a rebrand, or implement a new marketing campaign. Learn more about vehicle wrapping.

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Wall and window graphics: Similar to vehicle wrapping, wall and window graphics are a fast and effective way to add bold design and logos to a building. They can also be easily removed with heat, making them low-risk and highly effective.

How to make your business signage stand out

Design: Colours, fonts, images and composition can all play a big role in how effective your business sign will be. Yet the design of a vehicle wrap will be very different to a fascia sign, for example. Always choose contrasting colours so your logo and message is clear, and make it fit for purpose. An outdoor sign, placed near trees, might look very different to wall graphics inside a company office on a white wall, although they should always be consistent with your brand.

Materials: There are lots of ways to add interest to your business sign and make it stand out. A metal sign can be embossed, subtly adding a 3D effect to selected words or images. Similarly, illuminated signs are perfect if you're a customer-facing business that operates into the evening, or if you want to encourage people to interact with a particular piece of messaging, such as a map.

Location: Think carefully about where you place your sign. For a fascia, your choices will be limited. But if you’re investing in another type of outdoor signage, certain locations will work better than others. Just like the design, the right option will depend on its purpose, so think carefully about what action you want people to take after reading your sign, and put it in a position which makes it as easy as possible.

We know that creating the perfect sign isn’t easy – which is why we invest in the latest technology and training to ensure our team can help you to design and install eye catching business signage.

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