The rebound of Retail & Restaurants



Restaurants, bars and retail outlets are intrinsically placed in our economy, whether people are planning a day event or shopping, going for celebratory meals or grabbing a coffee on their way to their next meeting… These businesses are a huge part of our way of life.

As the UK public continues to navigate their way back to a more normal way of life, perhaps operating a hybrid work-life balance, businesses operating in hospitality and retail may be at the mercy of patrons’ reduced frequency.

Attract Customer and Drive Sales

To attract customers and drive sales, you need to get noticed, and that usually starts with signage. Outdoor signage is arguably the most important type of signage in physical retail because it’s what gets customers through the door. Exterior signage is the first impression customers have of your business.

Business signage is any type of graphic display that communicates a message to your target audience. It is cost-effective for advertising a small, medium or large business. Signage can take the form of pavement signs on chalkboards, A-Boards, Window signs, like vinyl lettering, Point of Sale Posters, Digital Kiosks, and Vehicle Graphics to help promote your business to a wider community.

Outdoor signage, in particular, should be branded and give a clear concise message.


Guide your customers when in store

Think about how you will navigate your customers in-store to create a better experience, consider Directional Signage to help customers find their way to the right areas like vinyl graphics on floors, walls or ceilings. Persuasive Signage can be used to influence consumer behaviour for product or promotion, and while we are still getting used to the new normal, there is a continued need for an underlying message of safety that compliments branded signage to help restore confidence and gives a customer a reason to return, therefore making use of branded hand sanitiser stations, contactless ordering mechanisms such as QR codes and interactive digital signage, and of course, contactless payment methods are effective.

Well-designed and properly placed signage can help your business communicate with shoppers and generate sales.