How to Keep Employees Informed and Motivated with Signs and Graphics


Engaged employees contribute to the overall success of your company and organisation because they understand the vision and mission of your company. They understand how they play an important role in the company’s success by providing high-quality work and great customer experiences. Well-planned and well-designed visual communications can be helpful in creating an environment that helps keep employees informed and motivated.

Utilise Your Space for Communication

Engage your employees in every location within your facility. Wall graphics, murals and posters can display core values and mission statements while extending branding elements to your decor. Motivational quotes and images can brighten blank walls in work areas, as well as in break rooms.

acrylic wall graphicvinyl wall letteringvinyl wall graphics

Disseminate Information Through Digital Options

Digital signs and displays can feature short videos on new programmes, acknowledge achievements, share information and reinforce company goals. Digital signs and graphics provide flexibility for communicating and changing messages swiftly and easily. To reach team members when not onsite, SMS text programmes can quickly provide urgent updates.

text messagingwall graphicdigital display

Readily Recognise Achievements

Keep employees motivated and connected by recognising accomplishments with custom awards and plaques. Share recognitions and communicate appreciation for your staff’s hard work across the building with hanging banners, movable banner stands and digital sign content. Regularly acknowledging performance and employee efforts can encourage pride among team members.

acrylic award plaquebanner standsdigital display

Keep Everything Moving Safely

Wayfinding signs and directories get employees and visitors where they need to go and keep foot traffic moving. Ensure work zones and any hazardous areas are clearly identified. Create a safety-first setting by placing regulatory and safety signs throughout the building, as well as in and around equipment.

digital directory signsafety sign

Communicating with employees and keeping them informed can lead to happier, more engaged team members, boosting productivity and efficiency. From recognising achievements to ensuring a safe place to work, your signs and visual graphics help set the stage.