Why is it important to have safety signage?


Safety signage is an effective communication tool to indicate hazards within a work facility, help to reduce accidents within the work place and keep businesses compliant with The Health and Safety Regulations 1996.

Safety signage is a required feature of many manufacturing and construction sites but they also have a place within an office environment, safety signage helps to keep employees aware of any risks and informed of the types of behaviours they should demonstrating to remain safe.

Each area of your business requires its own safety signage denoting the hazards within this particular area, risk assessments should be undertaken and the appropriate signage put in place. It’s also imperative that safety signage is maintained to a high standard and replaced should the sign be damaged in anyway. 

Across the European Union, health and safety signage has been standardised to promote universal understanding under BS EN ISO 7010. Each sign denotes the same meaning in each country and this is done through the use of standard shapes, pictures and colours used within the sign.

  • Red denotes emergency devices and highlights danger. 
  • Yellow identifies hazards and promotes caution 
  • Blue requires a particular action or behaviour to take place
  • Green denotes location