How to Cultivate a Green Culture


Most people agree that protecting and conserving the environment is a good idea. So what makes building a green culture within your business so difficult? It starts with change, something that most of us are hard-wired to resist. Change is uncomfortable, and saving the environment is a monumental task that’s difficult to comprehend. But once we accept that all of our small efforts are valuable and worthy of the effort, we can start cultivating a green culture. Here are a few strategies for making your business culture as eco-friendly as possible through environmental signs.


Before implementing any wide-scale changes, post simple reminders and notifications about the environment around the office. Post interesting statistics on your breakroom digital display, or install colourful environment signage that creatively stresses the importance of conservation. These can go a long way in educating employees about the impact of eco-friendly practices before the practices become policy.

Start Small

The goal is to create a company-wide culture, but resist the urge to roll out all of your green initiatives at once. Much like any behavior, green practices must be repeated on a consistent basis until they become habit. Start with prominently marked recycling bins, stickers above light switches or reminders to employees to power down computers when leaving the office. There’s no need to outlaw red meat from the office from the get-go. Start with simple practices that won’t make employees uncomfortable.

Set an Example

It’s important that company executives take these initiatives seriously, and set an example for everyone in the office. Take your bike to work, reuse drinking containers or commit to a paperless office. If the leaders of the business aren’t modeling positive behavior, it’s not fair to expect it from the rest of the employees. You’re building a culture, not dictating a corporate policy.

Support Competition

One of the most effective ways to encourage environmentally friendly practices in the office is through competition. Many businesses and universities are installing energy visualization dashboards that display energy use throughout their facilities. Create a friendly competition between floors or departments to see which can conserve more energy. This creates environmental awareness and allows employees to see direct results from their efforts.

Before you know it, these small changes will make up a green culture that feels less like a company initiative and more like a genuine, human effort. And while the intrinsic value of cultivating a green culture is clear, it shouldn’t be understated how much these efforts can have on the success of your business. With the increasing focus on safe environmental practices, companies are becoming more likely to work with other companies that share the same values. An established green culture also can be a factor in attracting and retaining talented employees capable of shaping your business now and in the future.

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