Top 5 Signage Failures

Signs are an integral part of life. They are everywhere. But it doesn’t just take an interesting, eye catching sign to capture our attention, sometimes the things that catch our eye and stick on our minds are mistakes. Here’s how not to do it!

Spell it wright!


Nothing screams ‘look at me’ like a misspelt sign. The whole purpose of the sign and any message you are trying to communicate goes out the window; the focus is entirely on the error.


Make sure sense it makes.


Signs are there to make life easier and remove the threat of confusion, especially when it comes to directional signs. These types of signs need to be clear and concise, however, if you are going for the ‘less is more’ approach, at least make sure that your sign is factually correct!

Make sure it reads right.


We all love a cheeky double entendre, but when it’s blatantly in plain sight for the whole world to see, it’s a no-no, intentional or not. Please consider any graphics used and always get a second opinion!

Make sure it’s useful.


Signage is meant to be informative and useful to either your customers or the general public. Make sure your signage communicates a message effectively and adds to the landscape or your brand.

Don’t leave it unattended!


It’s not just Rick Grimes who doesn’t want to see this sign driving down the motorway. You may be surprised regarding the regular occurrence of these hacked digital signs, created by people who have a little too much time on their hands and a desire to cause havoc!

Signage can considerably enhance or diminish your message. Your local FASTSIGNS® knows what works in your marketplace and can help you to tell your story in a clear and meaningful way. No hacks, just honest advice and professional services from the experts!

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