Career Focus: Graphic Design: It’s Not Just Colouring In!


Not everyone who has artistic talent has what it takes to be a graphic designer; it takes creative flare, a commercial mind and a passion for the unusual, as well as copious amounts of dedication and patience.


Our graphic designers at FASTSIGNS® are a dab hand at thinking outside the box to create unique and innovative custom graphics to wow clients and make a lasting impression on consumers.

No matter what a client is looking for – a digital display system, a pop-up banner or a whole company rebrand; you can be sure that one of our Graphic Designers will have a hand in making it awesome.

Dan is a top Graphic Designer at our Islington centre. From a young age, Dan aspired to be a Designer and has worked relentlessly to achieve his dream.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media from the University of Essex, under his belt, Dan went on to open his own t-shirt business- ‘Rubies and Poison’ producing unique t-shirt designs.


Dan has found that a Graphic Designer’s job is as much commercial as it is creative. Often customers don’t know what they want, or if they do, their ideas may not be the most suitable for their market or product. It is Dan’s job to work with the client to come up with deliverable designs which exceed the customer’s expectations.

Dan creates some outstanding designs for customers at FASTSIGNS and loves a challenge. His most daunting, yet favourite project was an illustrated stained glass window created for a Catholic school. Dan loved the challenge of incorporating all of the school’s ideas and their values into one piece, reworking the traditions of stained glass into a modern design then produced using a combination of clear and frosted vinyl.


As well as finding the time to work on his own illustrational projects, Dan is currently working on numerous signage and branding projects for large high street retailers as well as for local businesses within the Islington community. This is why he loves the world of graphic design because “no two jobs are ever the same.


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Graphics and Installations above by Daniel Sawyer and FASTSIGNS Islington.