Ensure your signage complies with the latest laws, codes, regulations and ordinances by letting our experts carry out the surveys and obtain the necessary permissions you require.

Taking care of the finer details

Before our team starts working on design ideas or concepts, our first priority is to understand where the sign's final location will be. Our signage experts complete a thorough site survey, taking all the required measurements that will enable us to accurately make recommendations on the most appropriate sign for the available site. If there are any special permits that may need to be procured, we'll work with you to ensure that this is obtained before any production is started. The types of projects that may require permits could include traffic sign regulations for signs on private property that’s open to public travel. Shopping centres, hotels and hospitals, that are located in busy areas may also require additional levels of health and safety compliance. It is important to abide by all compliance and permitting requirements to ensure the reputation of your business, in the event of an accident or injury on the property, without proper permitting, the property owner could be held liable. To learn more about our survey and permitting services, contact your local FASTSIGNS® Portsmouth centre.