Improve Your Brand Visibility And Increase Your Sales

Feb 18, 2021

Here’s some examples of how you can ensure your customers receive a great experience!

As lockdown restrictions look to be eased over the coming weeks, many businesses will be preparing to reopen after months of closure. There’s no doubt that once businesses in sectors such as retail and hospitality can reopen, there will be a height of activity as people will be eager to get out and about once again. 

For businesses in these sectors that have suffered the most, it’s the perfect time to review your brand and how it is perceived by your customers so you can grab your share of the market and make up for previous losses. 

First impressions really do matter

A potential customer could engage with your brand at any point - they may have seen one of your company vehicles on the road, a sign by the roadside or passed your premises. It’s essential that every touch point is consistent and truly reflects who you are and what you do. 

Here’s some examples of the businesses we’ve helped to improve their brand visibility across multiple locations:


Portsmouth Flooring


Britannia Fish & Chips

material things 2

Material Things

after cropped  

Nikki Froud Hairdressing

Equally important is to maintain a consistently positive experience that will continue after your customers have walked through your door. Consider decor, helpful information, engaging messages and directional signage - all fundamental to a customer receiving a good experience with you - one that will encourage them to return and to recommend you to others. 

Here’s some examples of how you can ensure your customers receive a great experience:


Reception Signage


Wall Plaques

Staircase Sign

Wayfinding Signage

821_Blue Cross Melbourne (4)

Illuminated Signs

Whatever your brand visibility challenges or needs, we can find the right solution that fits your budget and timeframe. If you feel your business would benefit from new signage, whatever the location, we can help. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll happily come to visit for a consultation.