Selling the Brand Inside

Aug 23, 2019

For branding truly to work for your business, it is vital that you not only promote your brand to your customers and prospects, but that you also sell the brand inside

By the phrase ‘selling the brand inside’, we mean convincing your employees of the power of your branding. Apply the principles of consumer marketing to your internal communications and guide your employees to a better understanding, or even passion for your brand vision – encourage them to live the vision in their day-to-day activities.


Create an environment within your company which brings your brand to life – provide employees with branded wearables, create items of interior décor which celebrate employees as brand heroes, perhaps even name the rooms in your building in a way which reflects your brand DNA.


Amid the pressure to develop new products and squeeze out costs from your operation, don’t let your internal marketing get overlooked. Building your brand from the inside out gives your whole business a firm foundation from which to grow.

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